USA Crest

An exception is the reigning queens of England or Britain, whose armorial display is indistinguishable from that of kings. Some armigers used their crest as a personal badge, leading to the erroneous use of the word “crest” to describe a shield or full coat of arms. While it is not strictly correct, there is a convention that a crest may be displayed within a belt and buckle by persons other than its legal bearer, signifying non-ownership. There is a widespread misconception that a crest and a coat of arms belong to everyone with the same family name or several people descended from the same matriculator; this is due in part to Victorian stationers’ marketing of engraved letterheads and in part to pretensions; this constitutes usurpation. Bogus “family crest” continue to be sold to the gullible by heraldic “bucket shops”. 

At Vandana Exports, we make custom hand embroidery crest. Embroidered crest are made up of Gold or Silver bullion thread, Rayon, Silk or Cotton thread. Our major clients are Services Personnel, School, Colleges, Clubs and Similar Organizations located in the various Continents of the World.